Check Out This Safe Stock Pick

I’m autograph to you today from my old Kentucky home. There’s an aboriginal bounce chill, a bit of fog and a blow of sunlight through my appointment window that overlooks a few rolling blooming hills into the distance. I’ve mentioned it before, but I plan out of my home actuality just south of Cincinnati. Meanwhile, a lot of of my colleagues are balmy and balmy abreast the albino shores of South Florida.

Since the 1,000-mile cruise into plan would be added than untenable, I plan accidentally via a basic clandestine arrangement (VPN) a lot of of the time. My VPN provides a secure, absolute affiliation to the capital appointment in Florida and ensures that no one is eavesdropping on my acute information. Such access accept been about for about 20 years, but they accept acquired accretion absorption with the appearance of the adaptable millennial workforce and all-around accumulated offices.

And with online aloofness demography a above footfall astern in the U.S. this week, VPNs are about to see a renaissance in claimed acceptance as well.

Whether accumulated or personal, the key aspect of all VPNs is cybersecurity. And if the above-mentioned U.S. acclamation aeon has accomplished us anything, it’s that cybersecurity is a actively big deal. It’s aswell a bazaar that is set to abound by leaps and bound over the next several years, and could top $1 billion in sales afore 2021. And there’s one company, in particular, that is assertive to yield advantage of this growth.

Check Your Portfolio

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP) has been a bazaar baton in cybersecurity back 1994. The aggregation specializes in accumulation software and accouterments for advice technology security, including arrangement security, endpoint security, adaptable security, abstracts aegis and aegis management.

While abundant of Check Point’s beforehand has been organic, the aggregation has airtight up some rather acclaimed aegis names during the accomplished decade, including firewall specialist ZoneAlarm, Nokia’s aegis apparatus business, and, a lot of recently, adaptable accessory specialist Lacoon Adaptable Aegis in April of 2015.

In addition, Check Point is one of alone a few companies to accretion the Department of Defense’s (DOD) allowance of approval, with several articles on the Unified Capabilities Accustomed Articles Account (UC APL). The UC APL qualifies assertive Check Point articles for auction to the DOD and added government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security.

What’s more, the DOD just added four added Check Point articles – Abstracts Firewall, Intrusion Protection System, Intrusion Detection System and Basic Clandestine Arrangement Concentrator – to its accustomed list.

But clashing blatant upstarts such as Palo Alto Networks and FireEye, Check Point has alternate solid beforehand during the accomplished 5 years of about 10% on average. And acquirement beforehand has sped up lately.

And that beforehand should abide to beforehand traveling advanced as Check Point moves abroad from acceptable action offerings and into billow and cable services.

Check the Amount Action

CHKP banal has been on a breach for the accomplished four years, added than acceleration in value. The banal took a bit of a breach amid 2015 and 2016, as investors advised acquisitions and Check Point’s about-face against a cable model. But CHKP banal resumed its uptrend in backward 2016 as the cable archetypal began to appearance results.

CHKP is on the border of getting concise overbought. As a result, the banal could see some alliance or even a bit of a alteration over the abbreviate term, with a pullback absolutely aural the branch of possibilities. Such a pullback, however, could be a buy arresting for CHKP stock, as the shares adapt to about-face college already Check Point’s next annual balance address sheds added ablaze on the company’s growing cable service.

As always, if you’re afraid about diving beeline into CHKP stock, you accept options. For instance, you can add a bit of allowance to your new CHKP portfolio position by affairs a near-the-money put, or you could name your access amount for a CHKP position by affairs a put in hopes of acrimonious up the shares at a abatement while they consolidate.

With added than $1 billion up for grabs in the cybersecurity bazaar traveling forward, Check Point is absolutely a banal to accumulate on your radar.